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Breath Easy Massage for Sinus and Abdominal Tension

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Many people in NC struggle with sinus pressure and coughing through the long allergy season; but did you know massage can help? When you inhale and exhale you use 8 different muscles to expand and contract your torso. These muscles can hold tension from stress, coughing, and sneezing which can make breathing feel difficult. Getting a massage with a focus on your abdomen, ribs, chest, and neck can relieve stress and relax those breathing muscles to helping you to breath easier. Work on the sinuses and face can also compliment  the breathing muscles as we also have 14 facial muscles that can hold tension creating discomfort in addition to stuffy sinus symptoms. Compression over the sinus can help relieve tension and achy facial muscles. If you are suffering from allergies, now is a great time to come in and talk to your massage therapist, we may be able to help you feel better and breath a little easier through the season!

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