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What do I need to know about mobile massage?

You need an open area that is free of items on the floor for the therapist to work around the table. A minimum area of 6’ by 9’ is suggested. If you aren’t sure if a space is big enough, see if you can lay down and spread your arms to each side and above your head without encountering furniture. Sometimes small furniture like foot stools or end tables can be shifted aside to accommodate the massage table.

While I love meeting your pets, many of them may want the attention of you or your therapist during the session. It is not uncommon for pets to jump on the table or lick a hand that hangs off the edge of the table. If your pet is as enthusiastic as you for the massage it can be a good idea to put them in a different room during the session.

Minimizing the distractions can be helpful. Setting up in a quiet room away from playing kids, TV, and other activities may help with relaxation. Kids and family members are always welcome to observe and ask questions if they have an interest and the client on the table is comfortable with conversation. While others are welcome, massage therapy sessions are not designed for teaching others how to massage.

Warm showers prior to your therapist arriving can help you start relaxing muscles and warming them up for the session. Heat is a great tool to use to get the most out of your time on the table and for maintenance in between sessions. Remember that your therapist will be coming 10 to 15 minutes prior to your start time to set up and have you fill out any paperwork. Plan enough time beforehand for your shower so you don’t have to rush to the door.

Even though you can’t order it on Amazon Prime you can schedule your session online at and get a massage delivered to your door!

Get to know your local mobile massage therapist by visiting this article here: About ELMT

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