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Mobile Massage 

Serving Northwest Indiana, Whiting, Hammond, Munster, East Chicago, and South Chicagoland

About In Home Massage

There are many names for a massage therapist that comes to your home or office like Mobile massage, In home massage, or traveling massage therapists. In a day and age where almost anything can be delivered to your door; not many people know that massage can be delivered to your home too! Mobile massage is when a therapist brings their massage set up to your home and sets up for a session in your living room or spare room. No driving or waiting in the lobby for you!

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Currently only offering mobile massage sessions

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In Home Massage

60 Minute Massage


60 minute massages are great for general relaxation and a focus area. This length of time is perfect for health maintenance.

90 Minute Massage


90 minute massages are a great length of time to for getting a full body massage with a focus in one or two areas. This length of time is a good place to start for getting you health management plan on track.

2 Hour Massage


A 2 hour massage is great for those who need multiple focus areas worked on in depth. Individuals that have more than 2 areas of focus and want to incorporate a full body session may prefer this extended session length.

Corporate Chair Massage and Events

Corporate chair massage brings massage to your office. ELMT can work with your business to find the right session length and frequency for your employees. Office chair massage can make a big difference in your work environment and improve your employee productivity and job satisfaction. It's a win win idea!

Want to know more about the benefits of corporate chair massage? Check out this pamphlet by clicking learn more.

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