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Gifts and Gift Cards

Click the link below to purchase Gift Cards through our
online portal, by email, or over the phone

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Self-Care Gift Baskets

This Self-Care Gift Basket is a great holiday gift for someone in your life that works hard and needs a minute to focus on themselves. These baskets include a 30 minute massage and VIP access to a video library on how to use the tools inside the basket. Give the gift of massage and a few fun treats this holiday season! You can even get one for yourself.


You can purchase one by email at and pick it up at ELMT home office in Whiting, IN


$30 per basket

Limited time offer*



 Gift Cards can be upgraded for the difference of session cost. If a recipient would prefer a shorter session the remainder of the gift card can be used for partial payment towards the next session. (i.e. if the card is intended for a 90 minute session the client can use the card for a 60 minute and the remaining $40 for a second session with the difference to be paid at the next appointment) Session lengths can not be split between clients. Gift cards are non-refundable. After a year from the date of purchase the gift card reverts to the cash value.

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