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What is mobile massage?

There are many names for a massage therapist that comes to your home or office like Mobile massage, In home massage, or traveling massage therapists. In a day and age where almost anything can be delivered to your door; not many people know that massage can be delivered to your home too! Mobile massage is when a therapist brings their massage set up to your home and sets up for a session in your living room or spare room. No driving or waiting in the lobby for you!

Your therapist will bring all the supplies for a session such as their table, sheets and blanket, bolsters, lotion, and music. You can set up candles, adjust the lighting and temperature, or choose to play your own music. Some clients own their own table and sheets which is always a great investment if you get regular sessions, this allows you to add additional padding if needed as well as choose the kinds of sheets and detergents you prefer to use. In my practice I always use hypoallergenic detergent and unscented products to reduce any scents or irritants. Massage sheets are often a little different from a typical twin set as the fitted sheet is sized for the table top with a shallower pocket, a tighter elastic fit, and a slightly narrower width, while the top sheet is slightly longer to accommodate draping. Either one will work for a session and most therapists will bring a fitted massage table set but for personal use individuals can find both work well.

Mobile massage is awesome because it helps deliver this essential service to those who may have mobility issues, health issues, lack of transportation, limited free time, or even those who may have kids or pets that can’t be left alone. Getting a massage in your own home is a great way to get a service in the most relaxing environment for you. This can take some of the discomfort of a new office or spa environment away and help you feel more comfortable in a setting you can control. Those with noise or scent sensitivity may prefer in-home massage services as well.

In the age of covid in home massage is a great way to reduce your exposure to others as your therapist comes to you and it is a one-on-one interaction. You also know when everything was recently sanitized in your environment. You may still be required to wear a mask but it’s a great way to bring peace of mind to your massage setting.

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