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Why ELMT is a Traveling Massage Therapist?

Being a traveling massage therapist is an interesting experience. I love getting to meet people in their own environment and get to know them and their health and wellness goals. As a therapist that specializes in medical and sports massage, the populations I serve may need the accommodation of a therapist coming to them for multiple reasons. Some may be homebound due to health conditions which limit their mobility. Many may be balancing a hectic schedule or finding the balance between child care and wellness routines. Others may find that their comfort zone is in their own space where they have control of their environment for personal or health reasons. Whatever the reason, I am here to extend massage services to your home for your convenience and comfort! Massage therapy for many goes beyond being a luxury and can become a part of healthy living. I am glad I can offer massage to those who need it the most.

Mobile massage is also a great way for therapists to learn more about the area and reduce overhead costs. Entering the field of massage can be a challenge and a little daunting to start. However mobile massage reduces the cost for independent therapists to start while giving us great experiences to learn from about how massage best fits our target audience. I have learned so many wonderful ways to work with people who struggle with mobility and what really matters when it comes to my practice and the clients I serve. Each experience helps me learn about tips and tricks to best accommodate clients and adapt to working in new spaces. Being mobile has allowed me to interact with more of the community and get to know other businesses and organizations in the area that are focused on growth and positive change.

I cant forget the pets either! I love meeting everyone’s fur babies, it’s the best part of my day besides making you smile! They may be just as excited as you to meet me and I am always happy to make a new friend. Some of my best massage stories include enthusiastic pets that beat their person to the table. Animals are always welcome to be in the room with up but may jump on the table during the massage so it is suggested that enthusiastic pets are placed in another room before the session starts.

Here are some of our wonderful pets and adventures!

Grey Cat: Saw an opening and beat mom to the table

Team CBC: Working on location at the New Bern MS150

Fire Fighters: Volunteering on location with the Fire Fighters of Durham after Hurricane Florence

Macie: Our loving model Macie letting me take my first photos of my business set up

Natchez Trace 444: On location with the NT444 race crew

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