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When Phones Ring During A Session

Everyone has one in their pocket, Its constantly drawing your attention and makes you available to others at all times. Phones are all over the place and almost everyone carries one. They make all sorts of noises with constant updates on everything from calls and texts to your most recent work email and even the weather. They are amazing pieces of technology for staying informed and connected but they also can cause anxiety.

Many people have apologized for their phone going off during a massage session. As a therapist your phone doesn’t bother me at all when it rings however it does affect you even if you don't think it will. When your phone rings there is an immediate effect on your body. Oftentimes your pulse will rise, your muscles tense up, and your breathing increases. These are subtle but noticeable changes that almost every person has to a cell phone ringing.


Its anticipation and anxiety. We want to know what we missed. Who called? Is that's the response you’ve been waiting for? Are my kids okay? Even if you say it can wait to be answered, our bodies respond to the signal we have trained ourselves to answer immediately. This is the reason we ask you to silence phones during sessions. It’s not for the therapist as much as it is for you! When they ring clients tense and may struggle to relax again. It can also cause clients to jump as the sudden loudness can be jarring in a quiet space. We want you to get the most out of your session and really take the time to focus on yourself.

Next time you are getting a massage and your phone rings don’t worry about apologizing. We can always silence it for you if you like or set a reminder to turn it off for next time. Take a breath and try to let go of the reaction tension and enjoy your time.

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