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Thank You For Snoring

This happens more frequently than people think it does, you aren’t alone! As a therapist I get people who snore on my table often and it’s nothing to apologize about. Many therapist will consider a client falling asleep and snoring as positive feedback because it means they are relaxed due to our work and trust us enough to fall deep asleep.Part of the reason why some people snore is because gravity combined with the relaxation of neck muscles cause a narrowing of the air pathway, this causes the soft tissue to vibrate when you breath. About 40% men and 24% of women snore at some point in their lives while sleeping.

The only time we are concerned about a client snoring is if they have sleep apnea and are startled awake by their snoring. The startle reflex that causes someone to suddenly wake up can cause tension in their muscles and undo the work of the massage or add to the discomfort of their tension over time.

So the next time you come in for a massage and snore on the table know you don’t have to apologize; you may have made that therapists day better with an unspoken complement!

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