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Our Commitment To Your Health And Safety

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

With current events focused on health and safety around the corona virus this is a good time to talk about my commitment to your health and safety as a massage therapist. Many people don’t know that the North Carolina Practice Act, which outlines our requirements to legally and professionally practice, outlines sanitary requirements. Many practices including ELMT go above and beyond those standards by including additional protocols in the clinic.

Overview of Practice Act requirements:

  • Clean hands and forearms, or any parts used to apply treatment, with soap and water, or germicide products

  • Maintain all massage equipment used in practice in sanitary condition (ie table, bolster, head rest, towel heater)

  • Launder and sanitize all furnished materials such as towels, sheets, and gowns after each and every client

  • Provide lavatories with hot and cold running water

What I do in addition:

  • Sanitizing all handles, door knobs, light switches, payment portal (phone), and lotion bottles.

  • Using paper towels in place of regular towels

  • Observing current suggested safety protocols such as extra hand washing, avoid hand shaking, and not touching the face

  • Wearing gloves upon request during a massage

  • Avoiding facial work

  • Asking clients about travel plans or contact with compromised or ill individuals

I will also be waiving the late cancelation fee for those who are sick or suspect they are compromised. If there is any reason to suspect I am compromised or have been exposed, my promise to you is to inform you as soon as possible, adjust scheduling appointments, and put your health above business. I value your health and safety and hope I can continue to support your wellness throughout the upcoming changes. Thank you for trusting me as your local community therapist! Feel free to ask any questions you may have about health and safety at your appointment or by email.

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