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Getting to know Emma Lani Massage Therapy

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

About the Therapist and Owner

My name is Emma Lani Bufalini and I am a licensed massage therapist. I am a graduate of Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in Seattle, WA. I opened my practice in Durham, NC before relocating to the North West Indiana.

I am located in Whiting, IN, and I travel to clients homes or offices to provide table or chair massage for individuals, groups, events, and businesses. The massage modalities and therapies that I am certified in are Swedish, Sports Massage, Pregnancy massage (prenatal), Treatment and Medical massage, Trigger-point and Tender-point Therapy, Special Population, Neuromuscular, and Myofascial.

My mission is to help others improve their health and every day life through therapeutic massage. In addition to treatment work I enjoy educating people about body sciences, muscle function, massage, and self care.

About the Business

Emma Lani Massage Therapy opened its doors in Durham, NC and the surrounding areas in 2017 before relocating to the NWI in 2021 and offers medical and sports massage therapy and chair massage. My goals are to offer a high quality massage experience, expand the public view of massage therapy, and advocate for regular self-care and the benefits that massage can provide for individuals and the community.

ELMT continues to stay involved in continuing education to stay up to date with new and current massage techniques. As clients needs shift and grow, I strive to meet them where they are, to help each individual thrive. Each session is designed with clients needs, growth, and education in mind. I am an advocate that massage should be an integral part of healthy living instead of a luxury. I aim to help the field expand and continue to grow into the community conscious as a health field and a positive influence in our community.

Community growth and giving back is an important goal for ELMT. I have been excited to give back to the community by supporting teams in the Bike MS New Bern Historical Ride and working with the first responders that take care of our community. Many charities, fundraisers, and associations have reached out to ELMT and I have always been happy to support their goals by offering custom certificates for patrons of their events.

In the future I look forward to helping other therapists and our community to be a step above and always provide a quality health and education driven experience.

About the Logo

When designing the logo for ELMT I wanted to be different than the usual hands and lotus flowers that are so prevalent in the massage industry. The Monstera leaf and its related Philodendron leaf are a common symbol of hospitality in Hawaii, where I grew up. This symbol along with my Hawaiian name, ties the practice back to my origins and captures the Hawaiian spirit and the caring nature of our work. The Monstera symbolizes longevity and respect while the Philodendron symbolizes health and abundance which matched my practice goals of helping others improve their health and every day life.

What Makes ELMT Different

Medical and sports massage are unique because the goal is to leave you feeling better not only when you are on my table but days after. This kind of massage can be a little uncomfortable but will lead to lasting relief from discomfort. This specialty helps people manage chronic pain or discomfort and aid in the recovery process for those who have had injuries, surgeries, or after heavy training for sporting events.

As a business my prices are all inclusive. I dont charge differently depending on what kind of massage you need that day. If you are coming for relaxation, deep tissue, sports, or medical massage; I bring all my skills to the table to offer you the best session that meets your needs with no upcharges.

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Lenore Brown
Lenore Brown
Jul 21, 2021

Hi Emna

This is Phyllis Soriano from the neighbor app. I wanted to look at your website and I mustvadmit you seem to offer a lot of techniques that many of us need in our lives. So happy to have met you online and I will be getting back in touch about your services.


Phyllis Soriano

Replying to

Thank you for the wonderful words! I am glad my website could provide you with helpful information and look forward to working with you soon!

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