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Office Chair Massage 

Give your employees another reason to show up for work week after week by scheduling an office chair massage in NWI/ Chicago. You’ll be amazed by how morale will soar in your workplace when you show your workers how much you care about their well-being. Reach out to Emma Lani Massage Therapy to arrange for a corporate chair massage for everyone in your office; we’ll work with you to find the right session length and frequency for your budget. As a direct result of our massage on demand service, you’ll see an enormous difference in productivity and job satisfaction.

5 Reasons Emma is the Safest and Best Choice For Office Chair Massage in East Chicago

1. We offer many options to companies looking into in-house massage. You’re in complete control over how long you want each massage session to last- from 5-15 minutes each is the typical massage length. The number of employees who participate in the event will largely determine how long each session should last.

2. Corporate chair massage comes with a host of benefits; in fact, you can consider the cost of hiring our in-house massage therapy as more of an investment than an expenditure. Just a few of the perks of hiring us for massage therapy services include:

  • Lower turnover rate

  • Reduction of on-the-job injuries

  • Improved immune function meaning less sick days

  • Reduced stress and headaches at work

  • Fewer instances of burnout

  • More efficient productivity

3. Your health and safety are our highest priorities! Your massage therapist will be masked with working at your location and will engage in proper hand washing and sanitizing between clients. Our therapists use clean linens for each client. Let us know if you have any particular safety concerns that you want us to address during office chair massage in NWI/ Chicago.

4. Emma Lani Massage Therapy actively engages in continuing education to stay current with new techniques and standards. Choosing a reputable licensed massage therapist will ensure the best possible client satisfaction when you want to give your employees a memorable gift.

5. Our corporate chair massage therapist can work in practically any office location, big or small. If you’ve been thinking about contacting a mobile massage therapist, you’ll discover that we can exceed your expectations in every way. Feel free to reach out to Emma with any questions or concerns.

Request a visit pnline at or by our contact Emma Lani Massage Therapy at 219-370-6312. We can offer affordable repeat visits at a frequency that works for you, whether it’s monthly, twice-annually, or for special corporate events.

You’ll find more information about our office chair massage in NWI/ Chicago when you explore the resources on our site. Click the ‘Prices and Services' link, then link to our Corporate Chair Massage and Events page that will educate you regarding the benefits of our employee massage services.

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