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Mobile Massage Whiting Indiana

Investing in self-care is critical to your overall health and wellbeing. Massage therapy is one way of ensuring you're the best version of yourself. Whether it's weekly or monthly sessions, sticking to a massage routine can be super beneficial. Even better, if you don't have time to go to a massage center, some facilities offer in-house massage. At Emma Lani Massage Therapy, we provide the best mobile massage in Whiting Indiana. We're certified in different techniques and deliver top-of-the-line massages for your ultimate relaxation.

How to Overcome Any Awkward Feelings About Letting a Stranger Massage Therapist into Your Home

First and foremost, you’ll want to do research when choosing an in-home massage therapist. So, read feedback from clients, check out their website, and ensure they’re licensed to offer massage services. That way, you’re assured of professionalism and your safety. Additionally, find out if they provide the kind of massage services you need. You can verify state licenses online, search 'your state' and 'Massage License Verification' and enter their license number.

Check our my licenses below:

IN LMT #:  MT22007222
IL LMT #: 227021857

NC LMBT #: 16384

NPI #: 1780208785N

What to Wear

We suggest you undress to your comfort level for a massage. This means you can undress completely, stay fully clothes, or something in between. You will be appropriately covered on the table at all times as the massage therapist works on you. If you prefer to stay clothed your massage therapist can work around that as long as you’re comfortable. However, bear in mind your massage will feel different as gliding strokes do not work over clothes.

Drinking and Eating

Are you worried about feeling hungry during a massage or a rumbling stomach? Don’t. Ideally, you should refrain from eating or drinking too much one to two hours before receiving a massage on demand. That's because you'll lay down during the entire time, which can cause acid reflux or slow down your digestion. Also, getting massage therapy services when your stomach is full can be pretty uncomfortable and make you unable to relax.

You may be tempted to drink to feel more at ease. But avoid drinking alcohol prior to your massage session. Alcohol travels through the bloodstream, and massage increases circulation. As such, alcohol moves faster through your bloodstream, and this can make you more drunk during a massage. This also influences your perception and can cause you to be unaware if something hurts. Avoid alcohol and other pain meds prior to the session so you can tell your therapist if something hurts or they are using too much pressure. This will help us avoid any injuries.

*If you are diabetic please have a snack or drink with you in the event you need one. Do not skip meals as this can cause a sudden blood sugar crash during your session.

During Massage

If at some point during your massage you feel:

  • Pain in a particular area

  • You’re uncomfortable with a stretch

  • Your house call massage therapist isn’t applying enough pressure

  • There’s excessive pressure

  • Anything that’s making you uncomfortable

Always speak up. This is extremely critical as your massage therapist can’t tell what’s going on in your mind. Letting your massage therapist know when anything isn’t okay will ensure you have a great and beneficial session.

Talking During Your Massage Session

Everyone is different. For this reason, don't hold back but do what you love best. Would you rather sleep during a massage? Maybe, you prefer keeping quiet? Or perhaps you like engaging in a bit of conversation with the massage therapist? It's all a matter of preference, and professional massage therapists will be happy to cater to your needs.

Unforgettable Massage Sessions

At Emma Lani Massage Therapy, we offer a range of services, including sports, medical, and mobile massage in Whiting Indiana. All you need to do is pick your preferred date, style, time, and location, and our professional, qualified in-home massage therapist will come prepared to offer second to none massage services. Request an appointment:

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