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Mobile Massage Hammond Indiana

Getting a massage from a day spa, just like a mobile massage in Hammond, Indiana, helps you relax. However, in traditional massage, you have to go back home at the end of your session. This disrupts post-massage therapy relaxation. But with in-house massage, you won’t have to travel back home once your treatment is done, allowing for deeper, uninterrupted relaxation. This helps you get the maximum benefits of massage therapy.

Would you like a home massage? We can come to you. At Emma Lani Massage Therapy, we provide second to none massage therapy services. When you book a session with us, our licensed, in-home massage therapist will come to your home, bringing all the supplies needed for the best massage.

FAQs About Mobile Massage

Here's what you need to know about massage on-demand:

What Does Mobile Massage Entail?

The first step is to schedule your session with us. Our licensed, skilled, and experienced therapist will then arrive at your home at the agreed time with all the necessary supplies. We'll come with fresh sheets and blanket, music, lotion, as well as a massage table. All you need to do is lie on the table and relax as we offer the finest massage therapy.

How Often Should I Have an In-House Massage?

The perfect time to have a massage is before you are in pain. Massage is best when preventative instead of after pain has become an issue. The answer to this question depends on your body and how well it responds to massage. For those who are trying to get pain or tension under control we suggest booking sessions every week if your budget and time allows it. Once you are in a good place we can go to every other week or monthly for maintenance. Some of our clients schedule massages twice weekly. Massage therapy can aid with managing migraines, alleviating pain, minimizing your stress levels, and increasing blood circulation. Keep in mind massage most effective when you get regular sessions instead of waiting until you are in pain.

Should I Undress Completely During Massage?

We recommend you undress to your preferred level of comfort. Some of our clients choose to have their undergarments on while others undress completely. Emma Lani Massage Therapy specializes in medical and sport massage and can  work on you fully clothed as well regardless if you prefer to stay clothed for modest or medical reasons. We leave the decision all up to you. Our house-call massage therapist always leaves the room so that you can undress and dress in privacy. 

And during your treatment, your body will be professionally and modestly draped with a top sheet and blanket. We’re trained to cover our clients properly to ensure their modesty and our professionalism. Additionally, no part of your body will be exposed or worked on without your consent. If for some reason, you feel uncomfortable during your therapy session, we encourage you to let us know.

How Will I Benefit from Massage?

Massage therapy comes with plenty of benefits, including:

  • Releasing endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that also reduce pain

  • Increasing the flexibility of your joints

  • Improving lower back pain

  • Reducing scar tissue

  • Enhancing your range of motion

  • Reducing muscle cramping and spasms

  • Aiding you in recovering from strenuous exercises

  • Managing chronic pain or tension


Get Massage Therapy Within the Tranquility of Your Home

At Emma Lani Massage Therapy, we can help you relax and de-stress from the comfort of your home. We have the most skilled therapists who provide top-notch massage therapy sessions that can assist in relaxing your tense muscles and promoting your overall wellness and health. To reap these and other amazing benefits of our mobile massage in Hammond, Indiana, request an appointment:

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